Eighth day at Duke 4 Sep

Wednesday already….on no only one full day after this of full lectures and labs and then presentation day!

Started the day well with a present of some gorgeous tea all the way from China …very much appreciated.

Today’s Lectures:

Lecture 1: Research Tools: Stem Cells with Chay T. Kuo, MD., PhD, George W. Brumley Assistant Professor, Cell Biology; Neurobiology; Pediatrics, School of Medicine, DIBS Faculty, DIBS Investigator

Looking at postnatal, adult neural stem cells and their regulation, plus how they modify brain homeostasis in health and disease.

Lecture 2: Decision Making: The Neuroscience of Decision Making, with Scott A. Huettel, PhD, Jerry and Patricia Hubbard Professor, Psychology and Neuroscience.

Well, the Phineas Gage Story is not correct after all accordingly!  Plus covering the understanding of the brain mechanisms underlying executive control and understanding systems responsible for economic and social decision making.  A very enlightening lecture.

Lecture 3: Orienting and Attention with Marc Sommer, PhD, Associate Professor Centers for Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroengineering, Biomedical Engineering, Pratt School of Engineering, DIBS Faculty, DIBS Investigator, Member, DIBS Center.

Covering the orientation,  attention and the interconnection of the two. Also looking at research involving monkeys in this respect.

Lunch: Spoke to home on skype, my daughters first day at her new College…time difference makes it a bit awkward if I am not around at the right time!

Lab: fMRI  All about fMRI with R. McKell Carter, Postdoctoral Fellow.  This lab entailed a lecture about MRI and fMRI, what it is and is not.  A session with me having my brain scanned! Hopefully photos tomorrow, another item being scanned and a ‘cocktail party presentation’ of how your would describe the process of fMRI and its uses in studies. We all did our own version, mine of course was considerably less in depth having only learnt the details today, however, it was a great way to learn. We were scored and of course, we were all winners. As I do not eat chocolate – the prize, I was presented with a giant tomato instead!! :D

Presenting ‘Cocktail Party’ presentations on fMRI…the group

Starting the winning prizes :)

My giant tomato prize!!

Dinner: Get together for a normal dinner and chatting..quite exhausted after this week so far. On the way home caught up with some cheeky wildlife.

Huge butterfly in actionHome for ice cream, play outdoor games then a relaxing swim…totally a great end to a tiring day and brilliant week so far.

Ha ha had to laugh...me in action so very blurred!!!

Lovely evening at Duke Towers

Evening swim in the pool - blissful

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