Sixth day at Duke 2 Sep

Back to Uni and into lectures for three interesting lectures in the morning.

Lecture 1: Early Visual Transduction, with Jeremy Kay, PhD, Assistant Professor, Neurobiology. Covering wiring in the retina and visual system from development to circuit function.

Lecture 2: Sensory Circuits with Kevin Franks, Ph.D. Assistant Professor. Covering Sensory circuits and their specific synaptic arrangements.

Lecture 3: Learning and Memory with Christina L Williams, PhD,Professor, Psychology & Neuroscience, Arts & Sciences, DIBS Faculty. Covering neuroplasticity, in relation to learning and memory.

Very interesting lectures again, found that I had a good basic knowledge of these lectures and learnt more research methods….nice feeling when you have a good grounding because of the electives chosen last year.

Lunch: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience Community a Cognitive Neuroscience Presentation Course for PhD students at Duke. Looks great!

Went to meet a young lady after who made some jewellery for me at the weekend…to get the rest. She is only young and very talented. Love her stuff.

Lab: Today’s lab was Neurogenetics of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (I). in the Jiang Neuorgentics Lab. Brilliant lab where we experienced 3 types of projects which are studied in this lab..1) Hunting for mutations in ASD patients, designing primers for a human gene of interest, generating PCR product. 2) Using seizures to study activity dependent gene regulation, dissecting mouse brains.

Kit used

Steven and Samuel making agarose Gel

This was followed by learning the steps to studying activity-dependent changes in transcription and harvesting mouse brains and their component parts.

Mouse brain

Mouse brain upside down

Dinner: Not brain anyway!! Delicious as ever and then out to Barnes and Nobles to look for a brain book then the cinema to see Blue Jasmine. Another great evening! 

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