Its the weekend! 31Aug/01Sep

Saturday: So it feels a bit like Big Brother…And on Saturday in the house, Genetta, Becky and Rachel are taking time to eat, drink and chill…. :D

Great day, went to the Farmers Market in Durham which was very busy and full of delicious farm produce and craft stalls. The pictures don’t show it but it was a super hot day.

Then off to Brightleaf Square to look around, for me this was brilliant as there was a motorcycle get together! I was in seventh heaven once again!  Had lunch at Mount Fuji Asian Bistro and Bar too which was out of this world.

Couldn’t help myself on this photo…I had to double take when I thought I saw a baboon sitting with these people… ha ha :D

Great day altogether. :D


Another great day of chilling and enjoying the company.

To start my friends and I went to Duke Chapel for their morning service. It was magnificent. The choir were out of this world and the ambiance and the service itself totally brilliant. Really enjoyed it. Photo borrowed off Becky.

Next we visited the Durham Food Truck Rodeo where there was every kind of food that you could imagine! Delicious, really busy and hot but great to go to with a whole host of stalls as well as the food.

Fairy Hair..

Also picked up an owl which was given to me as a present and a hand made ring.

Such a cutie and is so like my tattoo!

Then back to chillin’ by the pool for the rest of the afternoon, reading my notes and swimming…oh I could so get use to this…

Around Duke Towers grounds

Around Duke Towers grounds

Around Duke Towers grounds

Around Duke Towers grounds

Had to borrow a cosie as didn't have my own

After dinner drinks ...

Great weekend :)  great company :D life is awesome right now ;)

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