Fifth Day at Duke 30 Aug

Great end to a fantastic week…hard to imagine the week ended already. Between the lectures, the dinners, the beautiful campus and the incredibly good company, I have to say I am living the dream being here. I could not have began to realise how great it would be from over the ‘pond’.

Todays lectures: were fascinating for me and incredibly useful.

Research Tools:Molecular approaches to neural functions with Pelin Volkan, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biology, Arts & Sciences, DIBS Faculty, DIBS Investigator. Different types of research tools and how they can be used best to detect DNA or RNA.

Epigenetics  with Anne West, M.D., PhD, Associate Professor Neurobiology, School of Medicine, DIBS Faculty. Some of the key papers in Epigenetics and understanding of the relationship between genes, phenotype and the environment in context.

Synaptic Plasticity with Nicole Calakos, M.D., PhD, Assistant Professor, Center for Translational Neuroscience, Neurology, School of Medicine, DIBS Faculty, DIBS Investigator. All about Synaptic Plasticity.

Lunch: Spent time talking to Anne West about her lecture and her fabulous lecturing style and with colleagues off the course.

Lab as yesterday back in the Optogenetics Techniques in awake mouse behaviour lab building technical optical implants for mice brain implantation which was far more intricate than it looked!

The gear

How little the gear is...with Samuel

Our group for yesterday and today

Later went to a Neuro group drink/get together followed by dinner meeting where I got to see brain imaging of Arnold Chiari!! Could not believe I would meet someone here who actually had it…wow! Pictures will follow with permission once received!

Weekend arrived with my friends from Illinois arriving and finding they are only in the room next to mine..unreal…then going out to dinner at none other than Dos Perros…such good food and great Mohitos.. YUM!!

Becky and Genetta from Illinois

Genetta and I

Let the weekend begin :) …….

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