Third Day at Duke 28 Aug

First the weather broke and it was a bit overcast, not that it got any cooler, air conditioning has been an absolute godsend!

First half of the day: Lecture on Electrophysiology with Court Hull, PhD. Really very interesting lecture and very informative, all useful for the future.

Second Lecture, Research Tools: Manipulating Neural Activity with Richard Mooney, PhD. George Barth Geller Professor, Neurobiology, School of Medicine, DIBS Faculty, DIBS Investigator, Member, DIBS Executive Board. A gain another interesting lecture, a bit hard to concentrate when the lecturer bears an uncanny likeness for Eric Clapton!!

Photo of Richard Mooney

Lectured covered Electrical, Chemical and Genetic approaches.

Third Lecture, Research Tools: Imaging structures and function of the nervous system with Lindsey Glickfeld, PhD. Really useful lecture on the pros and cons of difference types of imaging to use to best see neurons.

En route to lunch I saw my one and only favourite car….drool….

The Red Corvette of my dreams…bring it on!!!

Lunch time was spent consolidating some of the morning and visiting Keith Whitfield, PhD, Professor and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Center for Biobehavioral and Social Aspects of Health Disparities, Psychology & Neuroscience, Arts & Sciences, DIBS Faculty. Excellent meeting altogether, really nice to put a face to a name after being my original contact to Duke.

Today’s Lab was on TMS – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

How it is done

A scan, manipulated to use for the TMS machinery and the area mapped ready to work on a ‘candidate’.

In action – receiving TMS

The guide used to work from to make sure the right area is worked upon all the time

Very interesting lab. Interesting to hear about the effects of using this type of treatment and the studies which have been done using it.

Dinner – very kindly we were taken out to dinner downtown..Dos Perros, the most delicious Mexican food ever and of course fantastic company.

Excuse the quality of the photos…not good in this light..or maybe my shakey hands by then!!!

My friend Samuel ordered vegetarian I could not help but think it looked like some type of rodent though!!

Samuel being cheesy!!

Great day, lots to think about …. more meetings next week before I make any real decisions, however, I am swaying towards being here for my PhD – oh of course, pass my degree first!!

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