Second day at Duke 27 Aug

The morning lectures were on Neural Development with Fan Wang, PhD, Associate Professor. Very interesting, methodology being the main theme of the lecture, something which is prevalent in PhD work as opposed to being spoon fed as an Undergraduate…..something which I am already beginning to appreciate from only two days here. Some of the information was over my head a little as the only Undergraduate here; everyone  else being PhD students of  various years. I found this lecture quite hard due to not having learnt  this level of methodology so far, however, it was very interesting and many notes were made.

The next lecture was with Kevin Franks, PhD, Assistant Professor, on Neurons, Actions Potentials and Synaptic Transmission. Suffice to say I did understand this lecture in great depth and was not left floundering, so very happy to know that I had learnt a fair amount during my last year at University.

Lecture three was on Neurotransmitters, Receptors and Effects with Geoffrey S. Pitt, M.D., Ph.D. and again was a subject which I felt happy with. Very interesting and informative.

Lunch was spent looking at PhD programs at Duke and booking an appointment to see a member of staff in this regard next week.

Labs for today were on EEG and ERP with Professor Marty Woldorff and Rene San Martin. Great information gleaned and another hands on workshop.

Me wearing the EEG Cap

Professor Marty Woldorff and his lab with Ellie off my course

Taylor from my course and many EEG hats!

Taylor from my course and many EEG hats!

Dinner followed the labs…And these are the colleagues on my course…

After dinner, four of us went off to watch the Durham Bulls do their stuff at their baseball stadium…

Friendly staff at the game

Friendly staff at the game

Steven, Breanna and Samuel at the game

The Game etc!


Bit blurred!!

Well, what can I say, yet another great day and great company for the game tonight! God Bless America!

Off to see Professor Keith Whitfield for a chat tomorrow at break…all is looking mighty fine. Really enjoying being here.

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