First day at Duke Mon 26 Aug

First day, so, I met up with Tanya the Program Coordinator on the way to Duke to find out the best way to get there. The campus was massive so much so that a bus was in order to get from East to West Campus! Absolutely beautiful as some of the photos will show, in fact I was totally awe struck to be in such a beautiful place.

The campus is like parkland with trees and shrubs and so well kept.

So, here I am on my first official day!!

The morning was spent in a lecture with Leonard E. White, PhD Associate ProfessorAssociate Professor, Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development, Community & Family Medicine, Doctor of Physical Therapy Division, School of Medicine, DIBS Staff, DIBS Faculty who imparted knowledge on the importance of good knowledge of Neuro Anatomy from the developing brain onwards. This made me realise how much I need to add to my knowledge and was a valuable lesson in considering the whole picture of the brain.

After lunch we had a session in the lab taking what we had gone over in class and finding these areas in whole brains and slices.

I have to say that I was surprised at the weight of the brains and just how difficult it was to recognise each individual area. Fascinating to look at different specimens and see differences. A huge learning area to work on for me.

I had an opportunity to have a mooch around campus before dinner so here are some of the pictures. First day back for most and a great atmosphere.  I have to say, everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly and after only one day I was sold on Duke. Definitely on my PhD wish list.

Enjoy the photos !

Dinner was great, had a chance to chat with really interesting people on the course and the course directors.

And last but not least …..well it had to be done!!!

Until tomorrow…

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