The Flight there…24 August

I had a while to wait for the flight and then get on to what seems like a ridiculously small plane to be flying so far on. Only 3 seats on each side and a bit cramped at that. I sat down next to a young man on one side and a lady the other, with me sandwiched in between.

We all start talking, only to find that the guy on my left was a Lawyer and his sister went to Duke so consequently he knew all about where I was going and the lady on my right turned out to be Marion Chiurazzi, PsyD, the Associate Professor and Program Director, Clinical Forensic Psychology Program at Alliant International University, Sacramento, California. We had such a great and interesting flight, between the three of us talking over many varied and interesting topics. I could not have chosen to sit next to such interesting people if I had tried. Synchronicity at its very best.

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