LAST DAY at Duke ….

So here we are, the last day, pretty sad to be fair.  Today we are putting our presentations together to present after lunch.  Busy, busy, in fact under pressure to get it how I want it and very aware that everyone else is PhD and has lots more information and in depth knowledge, however, put into perspective and it makes sense to just do what I am capable of …so that is how it ended up.

Meeting at lunch time with Beth Peloquin, Graduate Program Administrative Assistant for Neurobiology PhD Programs. Such an enjoyable meeting…much gleaned lots chatted about!

Met up with my favourite resident jewellery maker too for more gorgeous stuff… go visit at her facebook page mnmjewelry to see some of her stuff!

THE PRESENTATION: Well everyone’s presentations were awesome, very informative and interesting. Mine…well I think it did the job! Enjoyed presenting it anyway and hope that everyone else enjoyed it too.

My time at Duke has been AWESOME :D not only have the lectures and labs been incredibly interesting and really exciting to be involved in, my colleagues on the course were lovely and very welcoming too. I am so excited by the possibilities here and really hope that I get the get the grades I need and all of the other bits and pieces in place to apply for a PhD in 2015.

So, now…off to Sushi Love in Durham for a get together with some of the people off the course a I fly out tomorrow when the party takes place there may be photos added after!!!

Here are the photos as promised, big thanks to Charlie for getting us all together!

Diana, Samuel, Charlie, Ben, Me, Taylor, Ellie, David

At Alivia's

Look who we ran into!!

Great night and many thanks to all who went – really appreciated.

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